Our ESG approach

Focusing on the topics which matter the most

Our approach to ESG focuses on the topics which we have identified as mattering most to our continued commercial success and ability to drive shareholder value, our stakeholder relationships and how we fulfil our role in wider society. 

The following topics were identified through a materiality assessment, which included engaging key internal stakeholders across our business and the priorities of our colleagues, customers, industry and investors as well as sustainability reporting standards and requirements.

ESG areas of focus

How we deliver against these areas

We address these topics through:

  1. What we do as part of our everyday work;
  2. Enabling our customers to make breakthroughs with lower impacts;
  3. Supporting our customers address the big social and environmental challenges facing our world.

ESG how we deliver

ESG highlights for the past year

ESG highlights 2021-22

External accreditation

  Ecovadis external accreditationTogether for sustainability