Laboratory management –ISO/IEC 17025

Code Location Date Duration Cost
TRLM67 Online 03 Apr 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM68 Online 24 May 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM69 Ashorne Hill, Leamington Spa 27 Jun 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM70 Online 15 Aug 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM71 Online 19 Sep 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM72 Moor Hall, Maidenhead 30 Oct 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM73 Online 21 Nov 2023 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM74 Aztec Hotel & Spa, Bristol 16 Jan 2024 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM75 Online 27 Feb 2024 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now
TRLM76 Online 26 Mar 2024 3 days £1,485.00 +VAT Book now

UKAS provides this course. 

Course programme

All laboratories need to have sound business processes to enable them to deliver technically sound calibrations and tests to their clients. When a laboratory is seeking to have its competence recognised through accreditation by UKAS, these processes must also enable the laboratory to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

What are the benefits?

This course will help you:

  • Understand how the business processes of your laboratory can be combined effectively with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025
  • Understand the roles of quality manager and technical management.


The course will cover:

Day 1

  • Laboratory structure and roles of QM and TM
  • Organisation charts
  • Quality management system
  • Job descriptions
  • Laboratory facilities, services and supplies
  • Equipment and reference materials
  • Purchasing equipment and calibration programme.

Day 2

  • Personnel training and records
  • Requests, tenders, contracts and subcontracting
  • Documentation and document control process
  • Test and calibration methods
  • Method validation
  • Customer samples and items.

Day 3

  • Calibration and test performance
  • Work sheets
  • Management controls (QC and internal audit)
  • Audit schedule planning
  • Non-conforming work
  • Records (including opinions and interpretations).

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Who should attend?

This course is aimed at personnel from accredited or applicant laboratories who have responsibility for the technical or quality management of the tests or calibrations performed.